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Nursery Catalogues

Caldwell Nurseries produced catalogues of their range of nursery stock. Some have survived and a selection has been photographed and included here.

A complete list of the Caldwell catalogues that are known to have survived, together with their locations can be viewed here. Selected catalogues have been scanned and can be viewed below:

1824 Tree Catalogue
1850 Vegetable Seed Catalogue
1873 General Catalogue
1898 Roses Catalogue
1938 General Catalogue
1946 Seed Catalogue
1964 General Catalogue
1969 Dahlias Catalogue
1972 General Catalogue
1975 General Catalogue
1980 Conifers Catalogue
1980 Trees and Shrubs Catalogue
1981 Alpines Catalogue
1981 Bulbs Catalogue
1981 Roses Catalogue
1981 Soft Fruits Catalogue
1986 Climbers Catalogue
1986 Roses Catalogue
1991 Trade Clearance Catalogue

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